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The Mediterranean Jewel

Nerja is a tourist town located on the Costa del Sol, in southern Spain. The Balcony of Europe, located on a promontory, overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and the surrounding mountains. At its feet, there are sandy beaches and coves next to cliffs. Nearby there are the Nerja caves, with very original stalactites and stalagmites, as well as paleolithic paintings, which can be admired in the guided tours. In these caves concerts are organized in the summer season that have a great reception.


caminito del rey

Caminito del Rey

El Caminito del Rey, also known as the Gaitanes gorge, is located in the province of Málaga, between Ardales and Álora. Its landscape is more than spectacular. It has steep and high walls.

El Caminito del Rey is a canyon excavated by the Guadalhorce River with 3 kilometers in length, whose path is between vertical walls and a suspension bridge in the same gorge, about 105 meters high, where you can see everything there is to your around.

With just seeing some images you will die of wanting to go through it. If told sound good, we assure you that living it will exceed your expectations.

Cuevas de Nerja

This cave is one of the most spectacular in Spain, located in an enclave where you can spend a few days of dreams. It is located in Maro, about 4 kilometers from Nerja.

It was discovered in 1959 by young people who happened to be looking for bats and, to this day, it has become a Historical Heritage of Spain.

They are divided into three parts: the tourist galleries, the high galleries and the new galleries.

In the caves of Nerja is the largest stalactite in the world, with 60 meters in height, 18 in diameter and with an age of 450,000 years. You will also find other rock formations such as stalactites, stalagmites, columns, gours, pearls from the caverns, macaroni, flags and coladas.

Visiting the caves of Nerja will leave you impressed and amazed at the same time. It is a buried gem of a must for lovers of history and culture.

cuevas de nerja

Malaga Airport

It is one of the most important in Spain.

Malaga Airport is connected with the main cities of the world. Its location is unbeatable, since it is only 8 kilometers from the center of Malaga.

It is receiving 14 million tourists annually, becoming the director of Andalusia and ensuring that not only those interested in visiting Malaga fly to it, but attentive property manager and many others who want to visit a specific point in Andalusia is doing so.




Balcony of Europe

Balcony of Europe is an ancient fortress that sits on a unique place in Nerja, on the cliff of the Salon and Calahonda beaches. You can also walk under and you will contemplate the cliffs in the first line.

In 1885, an earthquake occurred there. Therefore, King Alfonso XII visited this wonderful town on the Costa del Sol and contemplated the impressive views that could be seen from the Balcony of Europe. A few years ago they decided to honor him by putting a bronze statue of his on the very balcony of Europe. This makes more and more tourists come to this town and fall in love with it.